Friday, July 10, 2015

Cousin finds your DIAPER SECRETS & changes you

Your cute cousin Sunny has been staying at your house for past few days & you've been wearing your diaper underneath your clothes the entire time. She finally gets you alone & confronts you about that crinkling noise! Yes, she can hear it every time you walk or move & it's been bothering her. She suspects you're wearing a diaper & reaches over to feel it under your pants! AHHA! your secret is out now! She also has never been inside your room cuz you keep the door closed but now that she's feeling bold, she quickly runs over to open the door... and sees all your ABDL stuff on the ground!!! She's shocked & confused but realizes it's all your stuff & that this is what you enjoy. She volunteers to be your play mommy as she thinks this is funny. She sniffs your diaper & it smells like pee. She could smell the faint scent of pee at breakfast too so it must've been you! LOL. She takes off your pants & pulls off your plastic pants. She's never seen one before so it's all new & funny to her. She takes off your diaper & it's overflowing with pee!!! Gross! She wipes you off & sprinkles baby powder on you. After she puts on a new disposable diaper she finds your white onsie & puts it on your clumsily. Now you're in full on ABY mode so she's going to treat you like one too! This clip is nice & long & not rushed. She even takes a phone call from your aunt & she explains what she is doing. Playtime with toys time!!! Then she hears your mom call you for dinner & thinks it'd be funny if you went downtstairs as your new ABDL self, in your fresh diapers & onsie!!! Sunny is a cute & fairly nice 19 year old co-ed who thinks this is all funny & amusing.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sweet blond ABmommy shrinks you & luvs you!

Adele is a lovely sweet girl in her early 20's and she's got a surprise for her big baby boy when you wake up from your nappy nap in your thick disposable diapers! She pulls it out from behind her & it's a bottle of magic shrinking powder! She's so excited & sprinkles it all over you & waits to see if it works. At first nothing happens & she's confused but you start getting smaller & smaller! She's delighted at your small size & can't wait to put a real baby diaper on you plus a cute striped onsie she had bought. She puts lil baby socks on you and loves kissing & tickling you while you can only giggle and squeel. With the change in size you've also lost your ability to talk and use vocabulary, just like a real baby! Mommy Ela is a sweet loving mommy who loves giving you attention & also breast feeding you when you're hungry! ABDL littles ABmommy and diapered shrinking fantasies  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sexy ABDL Mommy diaper punish & breastfeeding

Sexy wife Daisy has had enough of your pants wetting shenanigans! It’s diaper time all weekend you big AB & she’s not going to change you & make you sit in your piss & filth since you embaressed her so badly.  She’s mean mommy but she feeds you her mommy booby milk… download this POV regression video

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

From nice wife to AB Mommy

wife Lauren Kiley has found all your hidden ABY stuff in the closet & confronts you about it. But she's not mad at all, she wants to know more & if being an AB Mommy to you is what you want she can do that & she will try her best even though it's her very first time being a Mommy to a big boy like you! She's gonna get you out of your work clothes & into a nice thick CLOTH diaper. She feeds you & plays with you, it's not rushed at all & at a slow good pace. Lauren isn't the most experienced AB mom but she does her best & is very soothing, loving, kissing you, sweet and kind in a soft gentle voice. She even breastfeeds you, letting you suckle her nice pink nipples. So soothing! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Vancouver pornstars in diapers

For those of you who enjoy seeing girls diapered and acting like the big baby’s adult babies that they are (and they need a daddy too!) I have Adult Baby Girl which is an older site & filmed in Vancouver back in the day so it features a lot of the old Vancouver amateur girls. There’s lots of videos to download to keep on the site! 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Curvy redhead Freshi Juice breastfeeding ABDL Mommy

Ineedamommy finally has a bigger curvier "alt" girl who's your loving sweet ABY Mommy! Freshi Juice is a voluptuous redhead who comes in as you're napping & checks your diaper. She sniffs you down there & realizes you need a changing so she gets you on the floor & takes off your soaked diaper. She wipes & powders you & puts on your new diaper but you're still crying so she takes your temperature via thermometer in the butt! Your'e not fevering so she feeds you some mushy baby food. You don't any & spit it at her, despite her trying to play airplane with you. You grab for Mommy's boobies so she realizes you definately want some mommy milk today!! She takes out her booby for you to suckle on & then after you're all fed it's playtime! Patty cake & also learning your shapes. Then she's going to take you to the park. This is a LONG clip yet this is her first time being a "mom" ever, so she's not the best actor & falters a couple times. She's a nice, sweet & soft spoken AB Mommy

Friday, April 3, 2015

Nice AB Mommy Kym breastfeeds & shrinks you!

FOr all your adult that want a sweet loving doting AB Mommy who decides to save her money & buy you a special shrinking baby food so you can have a real ABDL infantilism experience! You wake from your nap to waddle outside & find your ABDL Mommy outside with all your stuff! She takes off your soppy wet diaper after a good sniff. She feeds you the magic baby food that will turn you into a real baby size for 24 hours! She's SO excited to see you shrinking down & now she can put on the little baby diapers onto your tushy after a good powder. You're still hungry and grabs at Mommy's big lucious boobies! She takes them out & lets you suckle her big pink mommie nipples,one at a time, as she talks soothingly to you & caresses you. After you're all done you start biting her nipple... owwie!! So she takes you off her breast & gives you your binky back. Then it's playtime with toys and also a zoo story so you can learn about farm animals. She plays patty-cake with you & it's so fun & upbeat! You're getting so tired now that you're so little & just like a real baby, need a lot of naps, so mommy tells you to lie down & puts a blankie over you til you fall asleep


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Older adult baby mommies captioned pics

Older AB Mommies always know best. Sure young adult baby mommies are cute & sweet but older MILF's know what their babies want. More adult baby mommies here

Friday, December 12, 2014

ABDL forced into diapers with AB Mommy Kym

Busty MILF Kym is so upset you just peed yourself again! What's a wife to do now? She can't have you wetting all the furniture so the answer is to put you BACK IN DIAPERS!  So stop your whining! In fact, once you're in diapers you can only speak baby speak! No more words... plus no more grown up foods either... so you're gonna have to eat your mushy baby food & stop spitting it on mommy! She's a very firm AB Mommy & doesn't put up with your crap at all and treats you like a baby in a matter of fact way! You even get a nice white onsie over your disposable diaper. What a cute adult baby you make & Kym is a good mommy despite forcing you into diapers again. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babynapped & made to be an ABDL by Crazy Kenna AB Mommy

You're trying to sell her something at her house & she gives you a special tea that makes you tired. You wake up & she's giddy with delight as it's a special "shrinking" formula & you can feel your whole body tingling & your skin getting tighter & tighter! You're getting smaller... and smaller... til you're the size of a real baby! Crazy Kenna is sooooo excited she's got her own baby now to take care of & make you all hers! Poof! Gone is your old adult life & now you're reduced to a drooly, crying baby with a mommie. Kenna puts a cute disposable baby diaper on you & then tries to feed you baby food but you spit it at her. You want the real thing so she pulls out her big full boobies & tucks a nipple into your mouth. You suckle to your hearts content & then it's playtime with mommie & baby! She even reads you a new baby book storytime. Then it's time to get ready for the park to show off her newest baby!