Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WIfe & her Mom find your AB Diapers!

While you were out, your wife Kaelin (about 22) finds your adult diapers and ABY stuff in the closet and of course she has to show her mom Jessica (40’s) who’s visiting. They’re both inspecting your stuff & realize that everything is big sized & fit you!  They certainly don’t fit a real BB. You come home as they’re inspecting it all & they ask you point blank if you like to wear diapers.  You’re really embaressed but admit that’s what you want. At first they’re in shock & disbelief in a condecending way especially when Jessica reaches over & feels that you’re already wearing a diaper…!! 
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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Caroline Pierce & Nyxon diaper punishment and embarrasment

You come home with pissy wet pants (again) and your wife, Caroline Pierce (with the glasses) is chatting with her friend Nyxon on the couch. They are horrified to see you wet your pants like a total baby & wife Caroline is very dissapointed and admonishing the entire video. She embarrasses you in front of her friend by spanking you, in which Nyxon joins in & then also sticking a thermometer up your bum!  Caroline does all this matter of factly in an admonishing tone. Then she pulls out a huge disposable diaper which she puts on you, but NOT before she puts an anal plug in your bum so you don't poop in your diapers. Only #1 wetting is allowed in your diaper!  They laugh & taunt you with baby talk & babyish toys.  Nyxon is very amused at all of this unfolding in front of her!   Once the diaper is on Mommie Caroline puts on pink mitts on your hands so you stay out of trouble but it doesn't stop you from rubbing the front of your diaper because you are so aroused! Mommie doesn't like it at first but then changes her mind because this is the only way you will get off since she won't have sex with you again.She even helps you rub the front of your diaper but is not going to change you after you make cummies in diaper.  The girls keep talking about their grown up stuff while you rub your diaper

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Teacher Nyxon diapers you in front of class

You're in Miss Nyxons class when you can't hold your pee & wet your pants in front of the class. Miss Nyxon is in disbelief at first & then asks you if you really just wet your pants... AGAIN!? This isn't the first time you've done this & the teacher has come prepared for this in case it happens again! She pulls out a big bag & plops it right on her desk, telling you to come to her desk, showing off your wet piss pants to the class. She's going to put you in DIAPERS in front of the entire class today, turning it into a home ec class to show all the girls how to Nappy a big baby! She lays down the changing pad & tells you to get on it, pulling off your pee pants & putting a nice cushy thick Bambinos on your butt. She loudly explains to the class what she's doing every step of the way while admonishing & embaressing you. She takes a leather paddle out & spanks you & then puts the nappies on. She gives you toys to play with & then puts on a nice cozy onsie before giving you your bottle & taking questions from the class. No #2 in your pampers... only pee-pee!  

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sisters diaper each other DDLG daddys diaper girl

Big sister Constance shows lil sis Tara the joys of infantilism and wearing diapers!  Especially nice thick Bambino diapers. She also shows her the fun of thumbsucking.  Download this NEW adultbabygirl video at the clips store

Thursday, September 1, 2016

AB Mommy Katie diapers you & diapered playmate Janira

ABDL Mommy diapers you and then playtime with bratty baby girl Janira. Janira doesn't wanna share her toys with you and gets pretty bratty! Mom needs to regulate this... Mommy katie also wants 2 baby girls instead because baby boys are boring!  Download this newest ABDL Diapering Session here

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Online Skype ABDL Mommy session on video!

 now offer video to video SKYPE ABDL Mommy sessions!! At an awesome rate of $35 for 30 minutes or $65 for 60 mins.  Virtual diaper changes, play times, story times, feeding & more!  Sissy baby dress up or I have cute onsies too. Also admonishing stern mommy to put you back into diapers, diaper punishment fun! 

EMAIL ME to book an appnt & let me know the time you want (give me 2 options in case I can’t do your first choice. From 9am-9pm PST California time)

& then Paypal or buy any gift cards on my list for the corresponding amount:
 Make sure your video/audio capabilities work on your Skype before we start the session. 
 Mommy Missy real time Las Vegas AB Mommy

Sexy sister diapers you & cummy in your diaper too!

FOR ABDL's, LITTLE's & DIAPER LOVERS that DON'T HAVE AN AB MOMMY OR BABYSITTER YET!  Your sister Bella finds your stash of adult diapers & adult baby clothes & toys while she was searching in the closets for stuff.  She deduces that the adultbaby items MUST be for you.... do you like wearing these big cushy diapers?? You're very embaressed at first but she is so sweet & nice & assures you that she's very interested & wants to put them on you!  That's right, she wants to diaper you just you deserve to be! She also enjoys being in control of her big bro too & making you talk baby talk. She blows up a nice blue balloon for you & rubs it on your diaper, making your dick hard under it.  She can feel your dick bulge through the diaper so well.... she puts you in a nice onsie too, making you look like a real adultbaby!  We don't have much time so she wants you to CUM in your diaper & starts rubbing you over it... she wants you to rub your hard dick through there too while she puts her hands over yours & rubs til you cum a big load in your thick diaper & onsie!!

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Diaper humiliation w/ 2 college neighbor girls

Brand new realistic diaper humiliation scene that is already selling well!!  I know you’ll love it when your college aged neighbors come to your door & one of them blurts out “are you wearing a diaper?” while the other is in disbelief!! IT’s very realistic dialogue as they giggle & one even touches your bulkiness down there & they DIE laughing!!! They see all your AB stuff in the house & bully themselves in to look at & make fun of all your ABDL stuff!!  They sniff the diaper you’re wearing & you STINK like old pee!!! PU stinky baby! So they decide it’d be hilarious if they changed your smelly pissy diaper!  Lots of laughter, pointing & giggling & embaressment for you after they find your secret.  It’s so exciting for you that you start RUBBING your diaper & they laugh & encourage you to make CUMMIES in your diaper!! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pissy pants boi has to wear diapers Sarah B

Uh oh... you came home with pissy pants again & wife Sarah is NOT happy!!! What other way to fix this than to make you wear diapers all weekend long!?!? And of course pissy wet bois get treated like babies, not grown men!! Sarah is very mad at first, then firm & then she’s much nicer after you accept your role as her new adult baby!  Download this NEW exclusive AB Mommy video

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Teen ABDL Mommy diaper jerk off encouragement

Nikki is a cute brunette, 19yo & you're lucky enough to call her your girlfriend. She doesn't know your ABDL secrets though but you were going to tell her in time. You gave her a key to your place so she can come over after she gets off work but today, you were in your diapers & taking a nap when she comes over unexpectantly and you wake up with her beside you!! You're in your diapers that you just wet while sleeping & all your AB toys are around! She's so happy when she sees you waking up in your diapers. You're worried at first but she is so sweet & lets you know that now she knows your diaper secrets & is happy to change you. She checks your thick diapers & sniffs, she sees they're wet & starts changing you lovingly. It's her first time changing a diaper so she's not an expert but she's willing to learn & be your sweet girlfriend nanny! After the diaper change it's time to play with some toys and blowing up balloons! Watch the balloon fly away! Nikki keeps it light hearted & fun in a nice relaxed realistic pace. Then it's babys feeding time!! After you're all full you start rubbing your weewee over your diaper. She sees how turned on you are & wants to watch you rub your weewee over your diaper until you cum! She even reaches over & help you rub & squeeze it too. Wow, what a dream! Having your cute GF encouraging you to rub faster & faster til you cum in your diaper

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