Friday, January 29, 2016

Sister Sarah breastfeeds you and diaper jerk off

You've always kept your ABDL secrets to yourself in the past & you've always waited until all the family members are out of the house before you self diaper yourself to have some fun as your littles self. But today is a rude awakening when you come home to find that your older sister, redhead Sarah, had decided to clean the furthest corners of the garage & found your box of AB stuff!!!  She has it all laid out on the bed to ask you about it... but you don't need to answer because she already figured out that these big thick Bambino diapers fit YOU!!  Especially since she saw the big onsies in mens sizes!  She's so understanding though... maybe it's because she couldn't have kids of her own... and more than willing to indulge in your secret life as a little. Are you wearing a diaper underneath right now!?! Well yes you are!!! And you need a diaper change but sister wants to do it for you this time. It's time you're not alone in this... and this way she gets the baby she never could have!  She remarks at how SMALL YOUR PENIS IS.  After diapering you she gives you some toys & tries to give you your baby bottle but you spit it out.  You look at sisters big boobies so she knows you want some breastfeeding.  She lets you suckle her nice pink nipples and makes some realistic breastfeeding motions.  You liked your lil snack?? You start RUBBING your lil weewee over your diaper & sister-mom notices. She teases you about rubbing your lil weewee in the diaper but encourages you to keep doing it & even reaches over to rub it over the diaper for you!! Faster & faster...

Sexy coworker busts you in diapers & breastfeeds

Janira Wolfe sexy coworker walks in on your while you’re diapered & wants to be your sweet mommy!!  She even lovingly breastfeeds you & is very caring and motherly. Download it now 
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Friday, December 18, 2015

Mommy Domme Ami diaper punishes you!


You've had a loss of bladder control while you're sleeping, you often wet yourself. You wake up to a very cross wife holding a pink paddle in her hands. She's very angry you've just wet the bed again but she's not putting up with this any longer. She is going to have to put you in diapers again ASAP & treat you like a baby. She's got some kushy thick Bmabino diapers but before that she's going to stick a thermometer up your bumbum to see if you're sick! She puts you back in diapers just like when you were a real baby & she's going to treat you like one from now on. Her phone rings & it's her sister so she proceeds to tell her how she has to change her husbands diaper!! she explains the whole situation to her while you just sit there helplessly. Tthere's a knock on the door & it's her girl friend coming to get her for lunch. You don't have time to hide before she sees you sitting there on the floor in diapers and she's shocked!! Ami has to explain the entire situation on why you're back in diapers again & it's so humiliating each time but there's nothing you can do about it. They can't leave you here unattended while they go have lunch so they'll have you take your diapered butt with them!DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Pissy Pants Boy Made to Wear Diapers Again!!

Ela is your sis & she's had enough of your wetting your pants all over the furniture. It's bad enough you have to live with sister but she's gotta clean your stinky wet pee messes!? She's got a surprise today; a baby bag with adult diapers & a very embaressing onsie that says "p00p there it is!" She takes off your wet pants & makes you lit down on the changing mat, wiping you off with baby wipes while making fun of your SMALL PENIS! She laughs as she gives you a spanking with her small pink paddle on your bumbum. She diapers you with a nice thick Bambinos adult diaper while chatising you. She puts plastic pants on & your embaressing onsie. She's got baby booties, a bib and makes you drink milk out of a oversized huge baby bottle. She's knows this is the only real option now is to make you wear diapers & treat you like a baby. You start rubbing yourself over the diaper & she thinks it's hilarious & pathetic! She laughs as your rub your tiny penis over the diaper & then starts taking pictures & video to show all your friends if you're ever a bad baby! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Mean teen ABDL babysitter Raquel

Your real AB Mom had to suddenly leave so she asks a favor from her friends daughter last minute to babysit you! Of course no one told her she's babysitting a grown man in diapers who just can't seem to handle the whole "grown up" thing. (the intro part got lost so it kind of STARTS IN THE MIDDLE) Mean girl brat Raquel immediately calls your mom & says that she's is NOT going to babysit & change a grown ass man in diapers! SHe's so disgusted and grossed out by this whole scenario. Mommie explains she needs to change you when you go pee pee in the diaper & she's freaking out & weirded out big time! She REALLY needs the money & will babysit you but she WON'T be nice about it. She's really really mean & demeaning towards you the entire time. Afterwards she teases you & you throw some toys at her which makes her really really mad. She scolds you and takes away most of your toys. Then she ignores you while telling talking to her friends on the phone about how lame this is & how a grown man wears diapers. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Real AB becomes your AB Mommy Ami

ABDL Mommy is a real life AB so she knows how to treat big babies like you!  She's sweet, loving & full of care as she wakes you up to give you a diaper change today.  She brings up a nice soft CLOTH diaper & wants to try that on you because you've been getting diaper rashes. She changes you with lots of laughter & love & then puts on your favorite pink & blue frilly sissy dress!!
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Sunnys diaper secrets DDLG needs daddy dom

Cute adult baby girl Sunny gets busted while putting on her diapers!  She's wearing cute thick Bambino diapers when you walk in... she explains to you how she loves diapers & regressing.  She's never told anyone her little diaper secrets before but now that you (her new boyfriend) knows, she takes the time to explain it all to you as well as show you the plastic pants & onsie she loves to wear. DDLG Daddys Little Girl needs a daddy dom to take care of her... will that be you??
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Cousin finds your DIAPER SECRETS & changes you

Your cute cousin Sunny has been staying at your house for past few days & you've been wearing your diaper underneath your clothes the entire time. She finally gets you alone & confronts you about that crinkling noise! Yes, she can hear it every time you walk or move & it's been bothering her. She suspects you're wearing a diaper & reaches over to feel it under your pants! AHHA! your secret is out now! She also has never been inside your room cuz you keep the door closed but now that she's feeling bold, she quickly runs over to open the door... and sees all your ABDL stuff on the ground!!! She's shocked & confused but realizes it's all your stuff & that this is what you enjoy. She volunteers to be your play mommy as she thinks this is funny. She sniffs your diaper & it smells like pee. She could smell the faint scent of pee at breakfast too so it must've been you! LOL. She takes off your pants & pulls off your plastic pants. She's never seen one before so it's all new & funny to her. She takes off your diaper & it's overflowing with pee!!! Gross! She wipes you off & sprinkles baby powder on you. After she puts on a new disposable diaper she finds your white onsie & puts it on your clumsily. Now you're in full on ABY mode so she's going to treat you like one too! This clip is nice & long & not rushed. She even takes a phone call from your aunt & she explains what she is doing. Playtime with toys time!!! Then she hears your mom call you for dinner & thinks it'd be funny if you went downtstairs as your new ABDL self, in your fresh diapers & onsie!!! Sunny is a cute & fairly nice 19 year old co-ed who thinks this is all funny & amusing.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sweet blond ABmommy shrinks you & luvs you!

Adele is a lovely sweet girl in her early 20's and she's got a surprise for her big baby boy when you wake up from your nappy nap in your thick disposable diapers! She pulls it out from behind her & it's a bottle of magic shrinking powder! She's so excited & sprinkles it all over you & waits to see if it works. At first nothing happens & she's confused but you start getting smaller & smaller! She's delighted at your small size & can't wait to put a real baby diaper on you plus a cute striped onsie she had bought. She puts lil baby socks on you and loves kissing & tickling you while you can only giggle and squeel. With the change in size you've also lost your ability to talk and use vocabulary, just like a real baby! Mommy Ela is a sweet loving mommy who loves giving you attention & also breast feeding you when you're hungry! ABDL littles ABmommy and diapered shrinking fantasies  

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Sexy ABDL Mommy diaper punish & breastfeeding

Sexy wife Daisy has had enough of your pants wetting shenanigans! It’s diaper time all weekend you big AB & she’s not going to change you & make you sit in your piss & filth since you embaressed her so badly.  She’s mean mommy but she feeds you her mommy booby milk… download this POV regression video