Wednesday, July 23, 2014

mean ABDL Mommy diaper punishment for littles

More ABY Adult baby Mommies but these ones aren't nice at all! They're going to make you wear diapers again & diaper punishes you for being bad and wetting your pants in public. Great mean AB Mommies diaper punish & made to be an adult baby again to pee in your Attends adult diapers
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Free video ABDL Mommy Brookelynne Briar ageplay

ABDL Mommy Brookelynn Briar from Canada is one of the sweetest & most loving ABDL mommies you can find on ineedamommy! She's patient and understanding but also has a good firm hand with diaper punishing you & making you wear adult diapers again. Watch the lovely Brookelynne give you sweet kisses for this big ABY on I Need a Mommy

Diaper punishment for bad adult baby boy!

This ABDL diaper punishment clip has everything! You're out with your hot roomate Katie M but you pee your pants in public, and this time for the last time! She is SO MAD and she admonishes you, marching you upstairs and into the bathtub. She pours a TON of PINK BUBBLE BATH on you but little do you know... it's a MAGIC BUBBLE BATH that she secretly ordered and you start feeling tingly all over. Katie splashes the bubbles all over you and Katie starts getting bigger & bigger!!! Wait, Katies not getting any bigger, you're getting smaller & smaller! You're shrinking into the size of a real baby! Katie is so amazed it worked & then your other roomate comes in & is confused at where Katie got a baby boy!? Katie explains the situation & they're both very excited to have a little baby boy to dress up and play with!! They also MAKE FUN OF YOUR LITTLE PEE-PEE WEINER TOO! They dry you off & have your area set up! They put on a real baby diaper on you now & some baby clothing too. They're not sure how or what to do but they figure it out. They get to feed you like a real baby now & see your reactions. They read to you and have real baby toys to play with & teach you. at the end they decide it's time to take you to the park & have fun with their new role as mommies! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

ABDL Easter egg hunt with AB Mommy Katie & breastfeeding

You're an AB/DL and you wake up from your nap in your diapers but you can't find your mommie! You see her in the living room & she's doing something with a bucket, you spy on her behind the bannister. She sees you standing there looking silly so she gets you on the blankie, checks your diaper & you did pee in it so she's gotta change your diaper! Then she pulls out cute BUNNY EARS cuz it's EASTER! She tells you what easter is about & makes you hop like a bunny rabbit. She gives you a purple bucket so you can SEARCH FOR EASTER EGGS around the room! She gives you some hints though & you find all the colorful eggs! Then you sit down with MOMMY KATIE & you open your easter eggs together! It's something different in each & it's so much fun! Then you're hungry so Katie BREASTFEEDS you while talking sweetly to you & stroking your head & face. What a sweet loving AB MOM to give you a nice easter treat!  DOWNLOAD IT!

ABDL Playmate Katie gets spanked by AB mommy

BDL INFANTILISM & ADULTBABY MOMMIES. It's Katie & she's all diapered and today she's your super bratty ABDL playmate!! SHe's about time you got a nice ABgirl playmate who also loves wearing diapers. She interacts with you, plays with toys, tug o war, shares a bottle with u and she is a very HYPER ABY! She even starts crying when you take her toy! She finds some magazines & starts ripping them up, making a mess everywhere!!! Mom comes home from work and sees the big mess & baby Katie tries to blame you! But mom knows better & grabsKatie to spank her hard on her bum bum! You're not off the hook & she comes over & spanks you too. Then she makes you two clean out & scolds you. Very fun & interactive ABDL fantasy mommie sceanrio. let me know if you like the AB playmates type scenario! if you do then let's get more adult baby friends to play with you!  DOWNLOAD IT!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hypnotized into being ABDL again!

What if you entcountered a hot CRAZY lady who couldn't have kids of her very own, so instead she drugs you to knock you out & then hypnotizes you into thinking you're a baby again!!! That's pretty insane but that's what sexy Natalie Storm has set out to do today.... but she doesn't want any baby... she wants a lovely baby GIRL!!! Regression & infantilism in this AB MOMMY roleplay fantasy where she's a very loving excitable mommy.  download this now!

Hipster Mom breastfeeds you

Redhead hipster mom breast feeds you & is a sweet loving nurturing mommy. For AB's who like the hipster, trendy retro kinda girl.  Download the whole video & many more on I Need a Mommy OR you can download individual AB infantilism videos on my Clips4Sale store

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wife Wenona scolds you for pottying in your pants

Mad wife turns AB/DL mom Wenona. She's a tall white girl with broad shoulders and very firm. She IS NOT THE BEST ACTRESS & AT TIMES SHE FALTERS WITH THE ACTING. I tried to coach her as best as I could SO PLEASE BE WARNED. You peed your khaki pants in public so she's gotta make you wera diapers again & of course treat you like the big baby you are!!! She tries her best to be firm & mad. She puts you in Attends disposable diapers & feeds you some mushy baby food. But you're crying and fussing so she's gonna check your temperature with a rectal thermometer!! No fever, so she's going to get your dressed in your onsie. THIS SCENE ENDED ABRUPTLY AFTER SHE PUTS ON ONSIE

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Candle Boxx AB/DL Mommy shrinking & breastfeeding aby boy

Sexy wife/AB Mom Candle Boxx has a special treat for you today as you wake up & play with your toys... she saved all her money & bought a special additive to your MILK so that when you drink it... it'll go into your system & SHRINK YOU to real baby size!!! What a dream come true! You start shrinking & you see the pure excitement in Candle's eyes as you get smaller & she gets bigger! Now you can be her real life baby & she can pick you up, hold you, cuddle you and then she's gonna BREASTFEED YOU! Not only did you shrink but when she saw you shrinking... her body started producing milk again so that she could feed her lil sweetie punkin pie in diapers! Now you can fit real baby diapers & a real baby onsie which she puts you in. She leaves her big boobies exposed after breastfeeding too. Playtime is so much more fun when you're a real baby size. Then she cradles you in her safe mom arms and singing you a lullaby so you can take a nap. Also encoded in MP4 format for IPOD & IPADS inside members area. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO

Monday, October 7, 2013

Diaper Punishment with 3 ABY mommies humiliation

ABDL's who enjoy being humiliated & forced into diapers, diaper punishment & multiple girls laughing at you! Your wife Katie Morgan invites a couple friends home from a BBQ you two were just at, and you've had quite a bit to drink already. Lucky gives you another glass of wine, that is perhaps laced with diuretics, and you're so wasted that you pass out! When you come to... Cheyenne Jewel is pointing at you going "holy crap, he just pissed his pants!" They all are in shock & laugh at the fact that a grown man just peed himself. The girls may have been planning this since they have the adult baby clothes & diapers ready & nearby! They whip it all out and are so excited to humiliate you even further and laugh at you as Katie Morgan puts a big kushy diaper on your tushy while the other girls are highly amused. They start diapering you & she finds a thermometer in there so they decide to take your temperature in your BUTT! No lube required since there is none, lol. the girls laugh & giggle at you. No fever is detected so they diaper you, put you in cute frilly ABY clothing cuz you're gonna be their ADULT BABY SISSY GIRL! haha. In pinks & cute colors. They bottle feed you & wave toys at your face & treat you like a sissy baby girl for their amusement & entertainment. Diaper punishment, made to wear diapers, some blackmail & tons of humiliation in front of 3 ladies.  DOWNLOAD ADULT BABY MOMMIES NOW!