Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Babynapped & made to be an ABDL by Crazy Kenna AB Mommy

You're trying to sell her something at her house & she gives you a special tea that makes you tired. You wake up & she's giddy with delight as it's a special "shrinking" formula & you can feel your whole body tingling & your skin getting tighter & tighter! You're getting smaller... and smaller... til you're the size of a real baby! Crazy Kenna is sooooo excited she's got her own baby now to take care of & make you all hers! Poof! Gone is your old adult life & now you're reduced to a drooly, crying baby with a mommie. Kenna puts a cute disposable baby diaper on you & then tries to feed you baby food but you spit it at her. You want the real thing so she pulls out her big full boobies & tucks a nipple into your mouth. You suckle to your hearts content & then it's playtime with mommie & baby! She even reads you a new baby book storytime. Then it's time to get ready for the park to show off her newest baby!

Classy wife to ABDL Mommy, diaper punished fantasy

You're embaressed your dear wife for the last time, peeing your pants at dinner like a boy who can't control his bladder. Well your very sexy & classy wife predicted this could happen yet again so she marches you inside the house & she shows you what's in store for you now! She has all the baby stuff ready to go! FIRST, she undresses you & puts you thermometer up your BUM! She really has no choice but to but you back in diapers again since this is how you choose to be. She is FIRM & very mom-like in a calm matter of fact way, excellent ABY Mommy acting. There's small penis humiliation, cloth diapers & plastic pants, she turns into a "nice" mom but still out to humiliate her big baby, bad baby gets reprimanded, getting ready to go to the park, balloon blowing & even noise makers so everyone can see this big grown up in a big wet nappy! Great POV humiliation for you. DOWNLOAD this & MANY MORE ABDL MOMMIES

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New AB Mommy & diaper punishment videos trailer!

Candle diaper punish & regression for littles by itmlee

More of the newer ABDL Mommy videos from ineedamommy.com so you can see just how awesome Candle Boxx & other great AB Mommies can be

Katie as your ABDL playmate in diapers trailer

ABDL Mommy & ageplay regression 2, for littles by itmlee

It's baby KATIE in diapers as your ABY littles playmate but when mommy comes home she gives the 2 of you a spanking for being bad!
She's also a great lovign AB mommy to you when you need her. Shrinking fantasies, diaper punishment... it's all covered by Mommy Katie! www.ineedmaommy.com

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Orias mean ABDL diaper punishment & shrinking to sissy baby

Orias is back, lookin sexy, meaner & brattier than ever!! You've fallen asleep on the couch & peed yourself & she walks in & sees the mess you've made! She is PISSED & has a surprise to curb your pee accidents once & for all. She has the ultimate revenge for every mean thing you've done to her over the years. She pulls out the magic baby powder & dumps it all over you!!! You start getting smaller & smaller & her eyes light up with delight & laughter. Oh now you're totally helpless to her torturing & mocking. She laughs at your tiny teeny weenie between your legs... it's sooo small now you might as well be a little girl! What a great idea! She's going to dress you like a gril & there's nothing you can do about it. She's going to feed you yucky mushy peas & taunt you the entire time. She's so mean she even flicks your tiny weiner under the diaper & takes pics of her baby girl to show others. Well she's gonna even take you out in public & there's nothing you can do about it! Orias is very good at articulating the situtation, making fun of you & generally being an all around mean girl in this diaper punishment & ABDL shrinking clip for very bad naughty ABY's & littles who love shrinking roleplay


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More ABDL Mommy lactation, breastfeeding & diaper punishment

MORE REAL LACTATION in this DIAPER PUNISHMENT AB Mommy video clip. Miss Livvy Rose is furious with her husband (you) today since you peed your pants in public AGAIN! IT's the 4th time this month so Livvy has a surprise in store for you when you get home. She thinks you're jealous of the new born baby & is vying for attention, acting out just so you can get more attention... well it worked, and she is mad! She is gonna put you back in big adult Attends diapers for the entire weekend. But it's not just diapers.... no no... it's the whole shebang! You're getting the full baby treatment... When she takes off your clothes to clean you she makes HARDCORE FUN OF YOUR SMALL PENIS! What a loser you are, with that teeny little weeny! She loves making fun of you & puts you in diapers. Now you'll have to eat baby food... but you spit it out at her when she tries to feed you. You want the real momma milk from her big boobies which you suckle on happily.  She tells you when it's Monday you're going to have to wear a diaper underneath your suit, just in case you wet yourself again. but then everyone will hear the crinkling of the diaper & plastic pants... uh oh.... but ABDL Mommy is right as usual.  DOWNLOAD IT

ABDL Shrinking to baby girl & real lactation from Mommy Livvy Rose

REAL LACTATION in this shrinking AB MOMMY fantasy with the lovely blond Livvy Rose. You comes to check & change your adult diaper before bedtime while telling you that tomorrow is your birthday & to make a wish before bedtime. She puts you in a big white onesie after changing you & reads you a bedtime book. She is a sweet loving nice AB Mom & kisses you nite nite! Well guess what you wished for??  When she comes to wake you she's confused at first... where is her big hubby?? Why is there a baby in place? She lifts you out of the now HUGE diaper & plastic pants to see her new baby! But your'e not just a baby boy... nope... your OTHER wishes came true too... you're a baby GIRL!!! Mummy Livvy Rose is over the top DELIGHTED to see that she has a real baby girl now! Wow, she's always wanted a girl that she can dress up in cute matching outfits & pink girly things & ribbons in your hair... a dream come true! She puts a real baby diaper on you now & a pink girly frock over your diaper.... but something weird is happening.... she feels weird & looks down at her boobs which are slowly growing bigger & bigger. She's shocked & feels them... they feel much bigger & hard.... somehow her body knew she was going to have a BABY GIRL & her boobs filled up with yummy mommy milk magically! She's even more delighted that she can now feed you like a real mom & takes out her boob to feel it & picks you up so you can latch your lips to it & have a taste of her milk. Nice close ups of her milk coming out of her nipple. Everything is done at a nice natural pace & not rushed.  After drinking some milky milk then it's playtime with her new baby girl! She's so excited she takes a picture with her cell phone to text to her friends about her new addition... Then she decides to put you in an old school pram to take you on a stroll around the block to see the neighbors.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

mean ABDL Mommy diaper punishment for littles

More ABY Adult baby Mommies but these ones aren't nice at all! They're going to make you wear diapers again & diaper punishes you for being bad and wetting your pants in public. Great mean AB Mommies diaper punish & made to be an adult baby again to pee in your Attends adult diapers
Download it now!

Free video ABDL Mommy Brookelynne Briar ageplay

ABDL Mommy Brookelynn Briar from Canada is one of the sweetest & most loving ABDL mommies you can find on ineedamommy! She's patient and understanding but also has a good firm hand with diaper punishing you & making you wear adult diapers again. Watch the lovely Brookelynne give you sweet kisses for this big ABY on I Need a Mommy

Diaper punishment for bad adult baby boy!

This ABDL diaper punishment clip has everything! You're out with your hot roomate Katie M but you pee your pants in public, and this time for the last time! She is SO MAD and she admonishes you, marching you upstairs and into the bathtub. She pours a TON of PINK BUBBLE BATH on you but little do you know... it's a MAGIC BUBBLE BATH that she secretly ordered and you start feeling tingly all over. Katie splashes the bubbles all over you and Katie starts getting bigger & bigger!!! Wait, Katies not getting any bigger, you're getting smaller & smaller! You're shrinking into the size of a real baby! Katie is so amazed it worked & then your other roomate comes in & is confused at where Katie got a baby boy!? Katie explains the situation & they're both very excited to have a little baby boy to dress up and play with!! They also MAKE FUN OF YOUR LITTLE PEE-PEE WEINER TOO! They dry you off & have your area set up! They put on a real baby diaper on you now & some baby clothing too. They're not sure how or what to do but they figure it out. They get to feed you like a real baby now & see your reactions. They read to you and have real baby toys to play with & teach you. at the end they decide it's time to take you to the park & have fun with their new role as mommies! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!