Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hypnotized into being ABDL again!

What if you entcountered a hot CRAZY lady who couldn't have kids of her very own, so instead she drugs you to knock you out & then hypnotizes you into thinking you're a baby again!!! That's pretty insane but that's what sexy Natalie Storm has set out to do today.... but she doesn't want any baby... she wants a lovely baby GIRL!!! Regression & infantilism in this AB MOMMY roleplay fantasy where she's a very loving excitable mommy.  download this now!

Hipster Mom breastfeeds you

Redhead hipster mom breast feeds you & is a sweet loving nurturing mommy. For AB's who like the hipster, trendy retro kinda girl.  Download the whole video & many more on I Need a Mommy OR you can download individual AB infantilism videos on my Clips4Sale store

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wife Wenona scolds you for pottying in your pants

Mad wife turns AB/DL mom Wenona. She's a tall white girl with broad shoulders and very firm. She IS NOT THE BEST ACTRESS & AT TIMES SHE FALTERS WITH THE ACTING. I tried to coach her as best as I could SO PLEASE BE WARNED. You peed your khaki pants in public so she's gotta make you wera diapers again & of course treat you like the big baby you are!!! She tries her best to be firm & mad. She puts you in Attends disposable diapers & feeds you some mushy baby food. But you're crying and fussing so she's gonna check your temperature with a rectal thermometer!! No fever, so she's going to get your dressed in your onsie. THIS SCENE ENDED ABRUPTLY AFTER SHE PUTS ON ONSIE

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Candle Boxx AB/DL Mommy shrinking & breastfeeding aby boy

Sexy wife/AB Mom Candle Boxx has a special treat for you today as you wake up & play with your toys... she saved all her money & bought a special additive to your MILK so that when you drink it... it'll go into your system & SHRINK YOU to real baby size!!! What a dream come true! You start shrinking & you see the pure excitement in Candle's eyes as you get smaller & she gets bigger! Now you can be her real life baby & she can pick you up, hold you, cuddle you and then she's gonna BREASTFEED YOU! Not only did you shrink but when she saw you shrinking... her body started producing milk again so that she could feed her lil sweetie punkin pie in diapers! Now you can fit real baby diapers & a real baby onsie which she puts you in. She leaves her big boobies exposed after breastfeeding too. Playtime is so much more fun when you're a real baby size. Then she cradles you in her safe mom arms and singing you a lullaby so you can take a nap. Also encoded in MP4 format for IPOD & IPADS inside members area. DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO

Monday, October 7, 2013

Diaper Punishment with 3 ABY mommies humiliation

ABDL's who enjoy being humiliated & forced into diapers, diaper punishment & multiple girls laughing at you! Your wife Katie Morgan invites a couple friends home from a BBQ you two were just at, and you've had quite a bit to drink already. Lucky gives you another glass of wine, that is perhaps laced with diuretics, and you're so wasted that you pass out! When you come to... Cheyenne Jewel is pointing at you going "holy crap, he just pissed his pants!" They all are in shock & laugh at the fact that a grown man just peed himself. The girls may have been planning this since they have the adult baby clothes & diapers ready & nearby! They whip it all out and are so excited to humiliate you even further and laugh at you as Katie Morgan puts a big kushy diaper on your tushy while the other girls are highly amused. They start diapering you & she finds a thermometer in there so they decide to take your temperature in your BUTT! No lube required since there is none, lol. the girls laugh & giggle at you. No fever is detected so they diaper you, put you in cute frilly ABY clothing cuz you're gonna be their ADULT BABY SISSY GIRL! haha. In pinks & cute colors. They bottle feed you & wave toys at your face & treat you like a sissy baby girl for their amusement & entertainment. Diaper punishment, made to wear diapers, some blackmail & tons of humiliation in front of 3 ladies.  DOWNLOAD ADULT BABY MOMMIES NOW!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kyra Michelle ABDL Mommy breastfeeding video

ADULT BABY MOMMIES Kyra Michelle loving sweet mom - wakey wakey baby! it's time for a diaper change after you made a small #1 mess in your diapers. Well sweet AB Mommy has a new surprise for you today, nice thick CLOTH diapers for her big man! Kyra Michelle has an easy way of talking to her big ABY, she keeps it loving & fun & talkative, a very natural adult baby mom. First it looks like you're WARM so she pulls out a thermometer and puts it in your BUM to take your temp. She even uses a spot of oil to lube it up first. She explains everything in detail & is very thorough & fun! She's got a nice thick cloth diaper with nice big purple pins to secure it on you.. Then it's plastic pants time & bottle feeding but you don't want the stupid bottle!!! You are staring at mommy's big juicy booby milk instead so she gets the idea & breastfeeds you for a nice long while while talking sweet baby talk to you & stroking your face! Well now that you're all full of mommys milk you're ready to go out & play!! Fun! Kyra Michelle is a fantastic ABDL Mom who keeps it lively & fun while looking sexy in her purple bra/panty set! She's an older MILF around mid-40's

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pics from Adult Baby Girl - janessa jordan

Surprise pics from exclusive video site ADULT BABY GIRL with lovely ladies in big thick adult diapers & cute ABY clothing!!  Watch these baby girls playing, getting diaper changes, feeding time & more!  These pics are of Canadian model Janessa Jordan

Candle Boxx ABDL Diaper Punishment video

Super sexy wife Candle Boxx is so dissapointed that you pooped yourself if front of all her friends. It’s the 3rd time this month & she’s so upset but she’s got a plan to correct it! She’s bought adult baby diapers, toys & baby bottles just for this instance to happen again! That’s right, she’s going to clean that messy but of yours & put a nice thick adult diaper on your tushie! She’s also going to make you act just like a baby would too, giving up all control of your adult life to your NEW AB MOMMY! She is VERY firm with you, making you understand that she, as Mommy, had full control over you & what you will eat/do and YOU, as a helpless BABY, has no more control since this is how you want to act by messing yourself! Your mom calls her cell phone & she answers, telling her of what you did & how you need to be in diapers now! She is firm, sarcastic but starts warming up to be a loving fun mommy once she sees this is the best option for both of you to live in harmony. She feeds you milk out of bottle and plays with your toys with you! DOWNLOAD THIS FORCED INTO DIAPERS, DIAPER PUNISHMENT VIDEO NOW

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Scarlet Starlet your AB/DL adultbaby mommy

Marylin in your sweet loving nice AB/DL Mommie & she wakes you up from naptime to check your diapers! You made a pee pee in them but no so she gets you on the ground to give you a nice diaper change, She takes off the old one, wipes & powders you & then puts on a fresh new adult Attends diaper. Then it's bottle feeding time & playtime with toys. This ABY Mommie is very soft spoken and gentle... very non-aggressive & almost letting the babyboy be in charge! Then she gets her sweetie poops all packed up for a park trip outside to show off your diapers! Mom is wearing a low cut top to show off her massive beautiful cleavage which AB loves very much!

WARNING: Marylin (Scarlet Starlet) is not the strongest actress for being an ABDL mom BUT if you like super duper "sweet" catering mommies that are not aggressive then you may really like this AB Mommy

Katie Morgan diaper punishment & humiliation

You had peed and pood your pants the other night so your wife Katie Morgan, also your ABDL Mom, puts you back in diapers for the entire weekend. You've just woken up from a nap so mommy has to change your wet diaper now & in the middle of the diaper change, while you're sitting there with your PENIS out naked, the doorbell rings!! It's your AB MOMMY's friend paying her a visit & she spots you lying on the floor half nekkid with a dirty diaper under your bum! She's in shock & disbelief so Mommie Katie Morgan explains to her how you have to wear a diaper cuz you messed yourself & you keep messing yourself so you're treated like a big baby you are! She's facinated by this whole sight of a grown up man in diapers soKatie Morgan invites her in to sit with her & chat. Katie & friend tease you about your teeny tiny lil weiner, laughing and pointing at it & making fun of your small manhood! Lucky & friend talk & giggle as she finishes changing your diaper & feeds you milk from a bottle. Then she pulls out a balloon cuz it's your birthday & blows it up for you! Katie is sarcastic & condecending to her big ABY & it's even more humiliating with this stranger staring at you in amusement. 

Download this ABDL DIaper Punishment video now either on the official site OR
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